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Jan-1, 2013

As of today, the free subscription to the GOList is no longer available. We want to thank John making this offer available to new DX4WIN users.

Check out what the GOList has to offer here: http://www.golist.net/


Jan-30, 2011

Release of version 8.05; see versions for details.


Nov-13, 2010

In cooperation with John, K1XN, distributor for GoWin, every new DX4WIN user who is not a current subscriber of the GOList, will get a FREE one year subscription to the GoWin QSL Manager program and data files. The GoWin subscription has a value of $69.


May-1, 2010

Release of version 8.04; see versions for details.


Dec-12, 2009

Release of version 8.03; see versions for details.


Sep-9, 2009

Release of version 8.02; see versions for details.


Aug-2, 2009

Release of version 8.01; see versions for details.


Dec-14, 2008

Released version 7.07; see versions for details.


Dec-7, 2008

Released version 7.06; see versions for details.


Sep-14, 2008

Released version 7.05.04 which fixes a few small items; see versions for details.


Sep-7, 2008

Updated the website and made version 7.05 available; see versions for details.


Sep-1, 2008

After more then twelve years, Steve has decided it was time to do something else, and leave Rapidan Data Systems. Over the years, he had a personal contact with many of you and many stopped by the booth in Dayton to meet him in person. We will miss him.


I have decided to continue with DX4WIN; there are still too many things to be done and too many users using the program on a daily basis. Instead of continuing under the name Rapidan Data Systems, the company is now called BrookHill Data Systems. You will find the new address and phone number in the contact section. Steve will process the orders until I’m ready to take credit cards. At that time, the secure order form will be updated.


73, Paul, KK4HD