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Looking for help? A number of resources are available:


The User’s guide:


If you did not order a printed version of the guide, it is available in the ‘docs’ sub-directory of the directory where you installed DX4WIN as the file UsrGuide.pdf. (The user’s guide still documents version 7 of the program. An update is in the works).


On-Line Help:


Pressing F1 will give you a help screen with help for the current window. Note that the help window has an index on the left and you can search for keywords in other topics that may be of interest. The complete help system is also available as a pdf file; this file, HelpFile.pdf, can be found in the ‘docs’ sub-directory of the directory where you installed DX4WIN.


DX4WIN Reflector:


The DX4WIN reflector is an email based discussion group centered around DX4WIN. After subscribing to the reflector, you will receive email from other reflectees, and when you send an email to the reflector, all other subscribers will receive your email. Even if you have no immediate desire to send an email to the reflector, the questions and their answers make a good read.


The DX4WIN reflector is a great resource to ask questions about DX4WIN, and with the hundreds of subscribers, someone will know the answer. We also use the reflector to announce new versions etc.


To subscribe to the reflector, visit the website: http://mailman.qth.net/mailman/listinfo/dx4win Please use the same email address you plan to use for receiving emails from the reflector.


DX4WIN Reflector Archives:


The archives of the reflector can be found http://www.mail-archive.com/dx4win@mailman.qth.net/ This archive lets you search in the many messages posted previously.


DX4WIN Tips:


Jim, AD1C, has collected a number of DX4WIN tips on his website; they can be found at http://dx4win.ad1c.us/


Contact Us:

You can contact us at: support@dx4win.com or call us at (703) 939-9948