Version 5.01

Version 5.01

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Version 5.01

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Changes for 5.01 (Sep-15, 2000)



PSK Window


Added a PSK31 window based on the pskcore.dll by AE4JY




Added support for TenTec Pegasus
Added support for Kachina 505DSP
Added ability to control DTR and RTS lines for the radio COM port
CW keying can now also use the RTS line of the radio COM port
Set Frequency window is no longer modal and can handle split frequencies


Country database


Added East Timor and Chesterfield Islands to country database
Added a number of new IOTAs (tnx Jim, AD1C and Milan, OK1FM)




WPX submission prints calls only in multiple columns
IOTA award allows for all bands


DX spots


Added option to cancel voice announcements in DX Spots Window
Packet spotting window will remember last sort order
Added command to delete old spots for DX Spots Window


Import / Export


Added import filter for Kachina logs (and another date format)
Small corrections for ADIF import


Function keys


Redesigned the function keys for the RTTY window etc.
There are now 16 function keys (buffers) and increased the maximum length
Added a few %macros for more flexibility.




Added Substring option for callsign searches
The window 'Save QSO you just added' now also has an option to cancel
Moved custom awards fields so they are no longer on the bottom of the window


QSL Labels


Changed buro sort order to include a region number for the USA, so KK4HD will print before KA5ABC, and all regions will be printed together. Sort order takes portable operations into account; so KK4HD/VP5 will be sorted among the USA calls.




Correction in Save / restore map parameters
Removed option 'Minimize other applications'
Added option to CW keyboard to buffer a single line