Version 7.02

Version 7.02

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Version 7.02

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Bug fixes and new features for version 7.02


CW Keyboard

Added pro-signs
Support for WinKey


LOTW (and similar imports to update QSOs)

Notes will be added to the notes for the QSO when certain fields (CQ Zone, State, County, IOTA and Grid) are different from the QSO used to confirm the QSO.
QSOs that are confirmed in the imported log that cannot be found in the existing log will be written to a file for further analysis.
Lookup for an existing QSO now ignores the seconds in the time field



Fixed problem with long packet messages
Incoming packet spots no longer change the band decoder
Changed various entries in the dx4win.tcp file
Added optional time field to a URL to keep packet connection alive



New code to determine the WPX prefix
Corrected band from 33cm to 35cm
Added a QSO status L  (to W, L, C, S, *)
ValidDXCC now only applies to DXCC awards
Added more tab disabled fields (Upload, Upload Date and Upload conf
CQZone is cleared if it was zero; made second search fail
Upload date can be changed without the Upload flag set
Switching between selections is faster


QSL Labels

Individual fonts for the five custom QSL labels
When copying a label, you will be prompted for the destination custom label
%% no longer prints on label when a group is not selected



Added entries for ICOM 756 Pro II and III
Added entry for ICOM 7800
Added entry for Yaesu-ftdx9000
Added delay field to the radio database commands



Added support for more rotators (Prosistel, M^2 model)
Added option to indicate a dipole for a given band



Added band/mode selection to a number of reports
Inserted blanks for Notes for QSO when more fields were added during import
Progress bar was not displayed correctly when loading very large files.
Removed auto completion from Selection editor box to avoid editing problems
Updated country database by Jim; AD1C. Thanks Jim!