Version 8.05

Version 8.05

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Version 8.05

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New features and bug fixes in 8.05



Do not submit a QSO for an award when flag indicates that the QSO is Invalid for that award



Jim, AD1C, has updated a number of databases like the country database, awards database etc. This update reflects the changes caused by the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles; for the details see http://dx4win.ad1c.us/data.htm



Added a new format for mapping a state (N. Carolina)
New Hyperlog filter using new state format
New CVDBase.exe to support Hyperlog dBase files
Added support for frequency in DX Desktop filter



Printing labels will use a filter when specified



Apply list of ignored suffixes to a callsign when creating or searching a membership list



Added new modes ROS and ISCAT
Added new satellite HO-68
Corrected mode group for SSTV
A QSO is treated as confirmed for an award if it was used in a submission for that award



Added Flex Radio
Added Kenwood 480
Added Yaesu FT5000
Added support for split for ICOM IC-7800 (Firmware 230; user needs to update the radio also)



Improved support for themes by keeping more windows in the same location between restarts



Number of wave devices no longer limited to four