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The current version of DX4WIN is version 903


Users with older licenses, version 8 and earlier, need to obtain an upgrade to use version 9. Keep in mind that you can always test drive DX4WIN without a license file, but the program will not save your log and will print the word DEMO on your QSL labels.


To upgrade, visit the Order Page.


Download version 9 from

Download version 9 from on4aoi


Installation instructions:


Starting with version 8, we have decided to install the program in the root directory of the C drive by default. This avoids problems with updating files in the DX4WIN directory.


Start the installation program, dx4w901.exe


The proposed default directory is c:\dx4w901; you can override this, and install in a different directory.


If you need access to the LPT port, run the LPTDriver program in the drivers sub-directory; you will need to do that as administrator and restart the computer when done.