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The following links are either of general interest and have many links to other amateur radio web pages, or they have a direct relation to DX4WIN.


Latest country database (maintained by Jim, AD1C)

Country database


DX4WIN Reflector

Subscribe to the reflector

Search reflector archives


Special hardware supported by DX4WIN

Top Ten Devices Band Decoder

SARtek Universal Antenna Rotator Interface

ARS Rotator interface by EA4TX

RigBlaster radio interface

Band decoder by ON4AOI


Software supported by DX4WIN




Sites that have additional DX4WIN resources (including download of the program)

Jim, AD1C Upgrade notes, Tips etc



General software

Log conversion utility


Interesting sites with many links

KA9FOX Web Site for Contesters and DXers

Potomac Valey Radio Club

The DX Notebook

HamNet has a number of DX4WIN reviews; add your own!