Version 9.03

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Version 9.03

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Fixed some F8 search issues

Added date to the title of all award reports

Set Custom Awards was broken

IOTA in callsign exceptions used for new QSO. Also used when checking IOTAs with additional message

IOTA can change when changing call or date

Write user exceptions file only when needed

Do not reload country database; user exceptions only

User exceptions can ignore problem reading (was fatal error; now a warning)

Change defaults for master calls import and file extension

Get rid of non-native modes for ICOM-7100

Improved message when Importing / Ignoring Dupe QSOs

Centralize the Program Version

Changed defaults for Announce DX window

Sample label did address wrong

Change in callsign field did not trigger update of other windows

Only autoconnect for TNC not RTTY

Changed default directory for mmtty

Removed SampleLog from updater