Version 5.03

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Version 5.03

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Changes for 5.03 (May 10, 2001)



Summary Windows


A double-click in one of the many summary windows will set a search filter for the band/mode combination for that window (Country, State, Grid, IOTA, Zone etc)

Added a County summary window

Added a Mode and Band totals line and Total Confirmed column.


SameCall Window


SameCall Window uses the Callsign search option to show exact matching calls only or to show all QSOs with the same homecall.

SameCall Window will now also display calls for current QSO in DX Spots Window when adding QSOs in real-time and the callsign field is empty.




Option to clear the packet talk window

When changing the sort order in the DX Spots Window the current spot will remain selected




Corrected radio interface when Tx offset is enabled.

Partial support for Yaesu-FT100

Added entry for ICOM-756 radio

Added entry for Kenwood TS-2000




Added macro (&&) to insert the name from the notes for the callsign in the QSL label


Data bases


Added logic to remove duplicate information for QSL managers during import

Updated award file (thanks to Guy ON4AOI who collects the many contributions)

Updated IOTA (thanks to Jim, AD1C and Guy, ON4AOI)




Added support for a message based rotator interface which supports the ARS interface by EA4TX

Changed Worked cutoff and Mailed cutoff dates; both are now a number days instead of absolute dates.

Changes in a prefix will reset the IOTA field and change the beam heading

Added option to leave all windows in place to support dual monitors.

Added latest version of pskcore.dll (AE4JY)

Added Ctrl+T to insert today's date in notes field