Version 6.04

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Version 6.04

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Bug fixes and new features for version 6.04




Keep 'other' line low in PSK31 keying

Double-click in psk31




Empty ADIF field skipped on import

When using imported QSOs just to confirm QSOs, they will no longer be added if the QSO did not exist

ADIF import qsl_date defaults to qso_date when qslsent = y

Changed ADIF Freq (MHz) to be stored in QSO notes as kHz

Corrected 1.25M band in ADIF



Export for LoTW selects ADIF filter

Setting Upload Flag no longer ignores QSOs with QSL method set to 'Ignore'

Export for LoTW will no longer write QSOs which have an upload date set




Fixed landscape printing for reports

Upload conf flag showed incorrectly in logbook window




Updated country database (thanks, Jim, AD1C)

Corrected band plan for 60m (and radio defaults to USB)

Added a Close button for File | New dialog window

VUCC bandlisting was not clickable

Added set confirm flag(s) to multiple QSO operations

Added Set Upload Date to multiple QSO operations

Default for new QSOs can have Lab, Upl or Lab+Upl

Changing award flags honors QSO filter and active Selection

Selecting a filter did set the wrong group default for new QSOs

Populating state field using F1 will now update state / county summary

When a US state is specified in a QSO, overriding the default zone will no longer add callsign exception records to the country database




Incoming spots no longer update band decoder

Corrected updating of the callsign on taskbar for incoming spots

Various changes in the dx4win.tcp file (Internet addresses)

The announcement window will no longer be shown automatically when selecting "List in Window" in the packet preferences. The window will be shown when the program starts and a the selection was made to show the announcement window.




Run-time install of port driver

Force the directory for QRZ CDROM to be a drive only

Added portmap.ini file in save directory to specify a non-standard printer port address

Added an import function for the calendar



Added rig file for Yaesu-FT857 (Thanks G4IRN)