Version 6.01

Version 6.01

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Version 6.01

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Changes for 6.01




Added a priority for new band
Added an option to show a DX spot as high priority for an unconfirmed country
The colors for font text and the background can be changed for the different priorities
Added a new column indicating the priority level of a spot
Added wild character matching for the callsign watch function
Automatic refresh interval can be specified in an WWW page for DX spots
Added option to sort DX spots by grid or by IOTA.


VUCC and Grids


Added a number of new VHF bands plus 4M
Added option to show grid lines on the world map
World map shows current grid square in the header
Searching for a grid value has been fixed
Grid locator can now be copied automatically from the address shown using the Buckmaster or Flying Horse CDROM




The drop-down lists for modes and bands are now split in two sections. Selected bands and modes in the station parameters are shown first, followed by the ones that are not enabled.
Added option to change the QSL method for the selection of QSOs
Added option to modify the QSO date/time for the selection of QSOs
Automatic selection for QSL printing of QSOs for WPX has been fixed
IOTA for a previous QSO is inserted when adding in real-time
A cutoff for 'worked' and 'mailed' with a zero value now means that the cutoff is ignored
Changed the strings for PSK31 to 'PSK31' (was 'PSK3')
KG4xx recognized as Gitmo, KG4x and KG4xxx is USA
Removed ## and ?? from QSO notes if information is not available
When a search fails (F8) the QSO Window is ready for a new search to be entered
The length of county names increased to 22 characters
Added ability to enter aurora / meteor and rain scatter reports; see modes for details.
Added modes JT44 and FSK44
Bad county field will show listing when entering or updating a QSO
When adding QSOs real-time the background color of the time field will remain darker as long as the time is updated automatically.


Summary Windows / Reports

Corrected double-click in a summary window when adding real-time
SameCall window shows more matching calls
Added progress reports for DXCC, WAS, WAZ and WPX. A progress report shows the difference in the number of countries (states etc.) worked, confirmed etc. for two date ranges in the log.



Fixed the problem that only the first page was printed in landscape mode when printing QSL labels
QSOs printed for Method=QSLService are now sorted by callsign


CW keyboard

A '+' or '-' in a text buffer (macro) changes the speed



Added support for easy switching between two radios
The command for split on or off is now send first to the radio, correcting a problem with some radios when the B VFO was selected



Added ability to use any COM port / LPT port for keying CW and PTT
Added option to set a bit14 on the LPT line when switching to the second radio
Added option to select between other installed sound card(s) for PSK31
Corrected selection for 6M in band decoder
Added support for ON4AOI band decoder



Added more map data (Islands, cities and US counties)
Added search function (for country, city and IOTA)



Reworked and expanded the on-line help
Added delay for Hygain rotator
Added support for GOLIST DLL
Added support to search a website for address and QSL manager information
Fixed problems with IOTA editor
Added new import/export filter for DX4WIN (for longer mode field and county field)
Increased highest COM port number that can be specified