Version 6.02

Version 6.02

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Version 6.02

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Maintenance release



Corrected band=Satellite when converting an older log format (note that the wrong conversion where a satellite contacted ended up as 13cm can be changed with the new 'Set band' option in the multiple QSO operations)
Removing the 'Progress Bar' when saving a log corrected the Alt+S problem
DX Alert level is now silent when you select 'None' and the other priorities are now correct
First QSL label prints in the correct orientation when printing single labels
Contest message is now preserved when reading / writing an INI file
US County find in the world map selects the correct county (Excepts Alaska and Broomfield, CO)


New feautures:

Added option to set new band in multiple QSO operations


Country database

Small corrections and additions IOTA database


On-line Help

Added example formats for QSL label printing