Version 6.03

Version 6.03

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Version 6.03

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Updates / Additions for version 6.03



Added support for prositel rotator


Country Database

Corrected QSL manager editor (dates were wrong)
Merging QSL managers lists actions
Changed country database & import/export filters to follow Jim's (AD1C) database



Corrected ADIF import band conversion for higher frequencies
QSO import no longer changes 59 seconds to 58 seconds
Import (merge) can use imported QSO for confirmation only (we can set confirmed or upload confirmed
New I/E filter for dx4win
Removed CT import filters; use the ADI export for CT instead.



Automatic update day and night fixed



DOS box showed under Win/XP when calling an external program



Added extra priority level to distinguish worked or not bm combo
New award band was tested incorrectly
Small corrections in dx4win.tcp file
Spots were not always saved when closing program
Spot colors for 'nothing special' could not be changed
Typing in packet window without an established connection will show the select connection dialog



Wrote routine to get text after double-click in PSK31 window (behavior varied by operating system)
Added selection of COM port for PTT control



Added option to set QSL Date when setting QSL method in multiple QSO operations
After changing the current Selection, the default group is set to that selection so adding or importing QSOs will get the group by default
Changed prefix logic (ignored stuff on right only like /R and /MM)
When the QSL Date is empty, the up-arrow will set the date to today's date, a down-arrow sets the date to the QSODate
Added 60M band
Grids were case sensitive
Band / Mode also updated for current spot when callsign field is empty
Added Upload fields to QSO window (Upload, Upload Date, Upload confirmed
When a previous QSO is found for a call, the zone is now updated for the new QSO.


QSL Labels

Max QSOs per label could only be changed for one custom labels but now we keep two separate values
Marking additional QSLs for label printing takes mailed cutoff into account if there is a QSL manager
Removing duplicate QSLs for printing no longer clears the print flag when a QSO was confirmed.



Corrections in Kenwood radio file (thanks to Don, W0DJC)
Changed order for setting frequency and mode


Reports / Awards

Small correction in award file (Darrell)
Made Freq column wider in progress report
Added time column to WAZ submission reports
rstR = 0 or ValidDX = Invalid are now indicating an invalid QSO for any award
Rewards no longer require a minimum number of qualifying QSOs (like 100 for DXCC)
Added option to select what counts as confirmed (card, upload or both; this is reflected in reports, spots and summaries)