Version 7.03

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Version 7.03

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Bug fixes and new features for version 7.03


Updates for various databases (Thanks to Jim, AD1C)



Internet addresses


CW Keyboard

Prosigns are now stored in a file so they can be edited.

+/- for speed changes works again

Backspace did not update display

Esc did not stop adding QSOs in realtime when the option Special keys for CW was enabled



Increased maximum length for custom award names



Changes in IOTA and CQ Zone were not flagged correctly when importing a log to confirm / update QSOs

ADIF export now includes the fields '1010', WPX, CONT and 'QSL_VIA'

Added export field 'IOTA name'

Fixed IOTA award import

Imports dropped seconds; applies now only when matching confirmed QSOs



Added menu item to do a sh/dx for the current call in the QSO Window.

Frequencies will be no longer have trailing zeroes or decimal period when possible

Added additional warning pattern for packet messages

Incoming spots no longer modify the band / mode settings (is now optional)

Added menu option to show band / mode status for selected spot

Added a menu item to the packet window the update the QSO Window using the current spot.

Added option not to save last frequency to improve speed for slow radios

Added parameter to define an 'old' spot


QSO Window

Search again will clear some additional fields (again)

When opening a log file, the same directory will be used as the current open file.

Default CW cutoff frequency changed for 80m and 40m

We can now search for empty notes using '!*'



Some reports, like IOTA, did not show 'L' status.

LogBook Window exports notes containing double-quotes correctly.



Some settings were not remembered for the print labels dialog

%% will no longer print if group names are disabled


Port Driver

When the port driver cannot be loaded, a message will be issued and the program continues to work without access to the LPT ports. In previous versions the program would abort.

Added option to reverse the sense of the radio 1/2 line



A number of radio files were updated; thanks to Guy, ON4AOI and Lou, N2TU for their patience