Version 7.04

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Version 7.04

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Bug fixes and new features for version 7.04


Updates for various databases (Thanks to Jim, AD1C)


QSL managers


Internet addresses


QSO Window

Added more modes (JT65, JT6M and Olivia)

Added option for multiple QSO operation to set custom award

Fixed bug searching for custom award

File SaveAs restores status if write fails

Default QSL method comes from defaults again when adding or importing a QSO

Filter was not reset after selecting a different filter

Corrected 33cm band

Restored the use of Alt+C to move to callsign field

Show modes in sorted order (also in preferences)



Changed internal logic to reduce reading from the radio

Updated Yaesu FT-2000



Fixed bug that flagged imported QSOs as not counting for DXCC

Corrected ADIF field <pfx> for wpx prefix

Ignore international settings when exporting a date


Country database

Fixed bug that could lead to US contacts getting the wrong prefix when adding a new country

Fixed tabbing order in Country Editor Details tab



Added option to print VIA mgrcall without printing manager labels

Changing QSL routing for countries without a buro did not mark the log as updated

Fixed logic for finding duplicate QSLs


External data

Increased buffer size to avoid buffer overflow when using Buckmaster

Include current hamcall32.dll

Reworked logic when we can update a QSO using external data


LogBook Window

Changed mm/dd/yyyy year format for the QSO date to four digits



Fixed L status bugs for small reports (like IOTA)

Allow all modes in WPX (as selected in WPX preferences)



Capacity = 0 caused endless loop

Alt+D added (Show/DX)




Program has to be installed as administrator

Shortcut link to DX4WIN includes working directory to avoid problems with finding the help file



Added Green Heron rotator