Version 7.05

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Version 7.05

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Bug fixes and new features for version 7.05


Reading QSL manager addresses could combine records incorrectly

Logic for looking up QSL managers for stations with a suffix that can be ignored

10-10 field for ADIF export

Default QSL method was not saved in the preferences

Reworked some of the sequence for the radio commands; this solved a problem with Kenwood radios when the radio is in split mode and the new setting is not split mode.

Renamed the drivers for a few radios

Default baudrate for Yaesu FT2000 should be 4800 baud

Frequency field for ICOM 756 Pro III was too wide

Updates for the country database (Thanks to Jim, AD1C)

Selecting a group using the F1 facility did not mark the QSO as changed

Recognize skimmer format in packet spots (call-#)

Use the country prefix too when we determine if a station was worked previously (color in packet window)