Version 7.06

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Version 7.06

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Bug fixes and new features for version 7.06


The radio driver now writes the frequency first followed by the mode; this change was needed for K3 radios

Added a new radio command to set the mode for both VFOA and VFOB at the same time; this addition was needed for the OMNIVII radios.

Support for OMNIVII; thanks to Guy (ON4AOI) for his patience and ON4IQ for letting us use his radio.

Added support for the Yaesu rotator interface

Additional date format YYYY-Mon-DD for WSJT logs

Import filter for WSJT logs

Fixed a problem with exporting custom awards

Updated databases from Jim, AD1C (country file, awards file and internet addresses)

In Multiple QSO operations | Set QSL date you will now be prompted for the date to be set; this also allows for an 'empty' date which clears the QSL date.

Changed the keep-alive character from a <CR> to a <LF> to avoid warning messages.

Renamed the dx4win.mas file to dx4win.mas1 to avoid conflicts with Office 2007