Version 8.01

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Version 8.01

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New features and changes in version 8.01


New fields in QSO Window:



IOTA Island


Sat Name

eQSL fields (upload, upload date and upload confirmed)

CQ DX Field award


Removed the ValidDX field; now a QSO can be marked as invalid for any award


New menus for LoTW and eQSL functions; includes exporting and importing QSOs to confirm QSOs for LoTW and eQSL.


Review log of QSOs that could not be found when confirming QSOs or that were confirmed already.


Additional options for multiple QSO operations:

Populate Frequency field (read from notes for QSO)

Populate Name and QTH fields (read from notes for callsign)

Modify Satellite name and mode


Use 'skins' for a different GUI


New award management.

All awards can be configured to have a mixed-, a mode- and a band-award

Starting date for an award by mode and band

Type of confirmation for an award (QSL card, LoTW and eQSL)

Added new award: CQ DX Field


The number of groups that can be used is unlimited.



Added a membership column to the packet spots. User can specify a letter to be displayed when the callsign appears in a membership list. Lists like club members, subscribers to LoTW and eQSL etc. can be used for this.

Added a bandmap; packet spots are shown by band using the same color coding as the packet DX Spots Window.

Instead of the time of a spot the age in minutes can be displayed.

Spots can be filtered for band and mode


New report generator.

Using the awards, various reports can be generated like summary, listing, needed listing etc. This can be done for different band / mode combinations. The report selection screen replaces the previous menu tree for the reports.

Increased the number of COM ports to 32


Option to repeat the transmit frequency to a COM port in Kenwood format; used for SteppIR or similar devices that need the transmit frequency.


Added Home Position for the rotator