Version 8.02

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Version 8.02

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New features and bug fixes in 8.02



Fixed the bug that pressing the F1 key did not always launch the help screen

Fixed bug with using the mailed cutoff value.

Made input fields for radio selection wider

The status Mailed and Label now only apply to QSL cards


QSO Window

Reworked the interface in File | Preferences | F2 key and the code for using the F2 key

Improved the algorithms to retrieve Name/QTH and Frequency from the notes.

Setting the QSL method for a QSO in multiple QSO operations only applies to QSOs that are not confirmed and have the label flag set.

When adding a QSO using a double-click in the packet window will reuse the group number from the previous QSO that was added in real-time mode.

CR/LF characters in notes are replaced by a vertical bar (|)

$$ in the notes for the QSO template only adds the QSX frequency when in split mode.

Added Multiple QSO operation to set YL op flag

Fixed bug with search filter for users using 0,00 for a zero frequency. Also made the value comparison 20Kc wide.

We can now search the Group field for 0 !0 !11 etc

Added menu item to set all awards for a QSO to invalid

Fixed the list of QSO fields that can be enabled/disabled using the Tab key


Import/Export filters

Added an import filter for DXbase 2007 that uses a utility program to read an Access database.

Import/export filters can now handle lines up to 999 characters long

Fixed a problem with the import filter when the IOTA island name was empty.

Older DX4WIN import/export filters did not have all awards defined.

Fixed a bug that caused a GPF when stopping on a duplicate QSO during an import.

When importing QSOs we use a 1 minute time window; to confirm QSOs the time window is 10 minutes.

Only write notes for callsigns that are part of an export operation.

Added some more modes that can be recognized during imports like LSB, and USB.

The DX4WIN8 filter copied only 5 chars for the mode


LogBook Window


LoTW date format corrected in LogBook window

LogBook window remembers the column widths.



Modified ICOM radio drivers to read the correct number of bytes when executing a read mode command that includes a small delay.

Added ICOM 7600 drivers

Added Yaesu-FT9000PEP driver



Report generator honors selection of band / mode and makes all award types available at the same time.

Deleted entities are sorted towards the end of a listing.

Added code to protect against 'bad' award values



Using Alt+R in PSK31 window will no longer change the mode on the radio.

Allow more sound cards for PSK31



Use MicroSoft DLL to process the FullList.xml; write the result to iota.ini to make loading faster.

There was no delay after the first character in the CW buffer

Fixed bug with printing SWL labels

Update button in external data now sets the name field when available.

WPX summary window was not always updated