Version 8.03

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Version 8.03

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New features and bug fixes in 8.03



Protect against bad values in QSO data (county award reports)

Check state again when using country exception

Corrected submission report against selecting too many QSOs

Added progress report


CW Keyboard

Better error message when COM port is not available; avoids problems closing the program when using WinKey.



Added /PM and /BM as ignored prefixes

Better protection against starting multiple instances of the program (avoids license file errors)



The on-line help shows the breadcrumbs in the display

Added a mail button to provide feedback on a topic.



Added ADIF FREQ_RX field for import

Added ADIF STX field for import

Include state/county when checking for duplicate QSOs

Include group/state/county in the .notfound display

Made width of frequency field variable


LogBook Window

Preserve column widths when closing program



Added an option to remove a callsign from the callsign alert

DX Spotting Window column widths are restored when merging INI file

Calls with the /MM or /AM suffix are no longer automatically gray spots for DXCC and WAZ colors



Added an option to select a different soundcard for input and output



Added an option to mark all callsigns for a QSL or all band/mode combinations for a callsign.



Clear summary windows when specifying a filter

Correction for grids with two characters

Corrected some texts for the menus

Fixed F2 logic

Added list of awards to check when confirming a QSO when using the F2 key

Added an option for a second directory to store a copy of the log file and the country database



The LPT port driver and CW side tone generation is now available under all versions of Windows 32bit and 64bit