Version 8.04

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Version 8.04

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New features and bug fixes in 8.04



Not all previous submissions were included when doing a new submission


COM ports

Increased the range of COM port numbers from 8 to 32


CW keyboard

Not installing the LPT driver no longer hangs the CW signal

When adding in real-time with Special Keys for CW enabled, the Esc will only empty the CW buffer and no longer stops adding QSOs. A new menu option was added to do this.



Jim, AD1C, has updated a number of databases like the country database, awards database etc; for the details see



Added frequency in MHz



Saving Putout Window columns ignored last column

New award band color in spotting window only used when the band has its own award


QSL Labels

Better test to go to new label if Pse/Tnx did not change or is not present

We could clear too many labels when removing duplicate QSLs



An updated pskcore dll no longer requires the installation of the C runtime library (thanks Dave, AA6YQ)



Allow special characters and characters with accents for name and QTH in multiple QSO operations

Allow a dash ('-') when searching in a list of values (pressing F1 in prefix field, award value etc.)

Multiple QSO operations change QSL method now ignores confirmation / label status

Fixed problem with band / mode box in summary windows not always following the QSO Window settings



Added support for a transverter (single band or all bands)



Double click in listing report could set incorrect filter settings